FiberHome's FitTelecomOS Telecom Cloud Platform Debuts at CommunicAsia 2018

On June 25th, CommunicAsia 2018, the Asia-Pacific heavyweight communications exhibition kicked off at the Marina Bay Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore. In this exhibition, FiberHome exhibited the 5G oriented new product, FitTelecomOS telecom cloud platform, which attracted wide attention from the industry.

With the arrival of the 5G era, operators hope that they can build a cloud-based network that can achieve global resource scheduling, full-scale capacity opening, flexible performance scaling, and flexible architecture adjustment through technologies such as NFV and SDN. In this context, FiberHome has released the "5G SWORD" FitNet cloud-based network solution overseas. Its core concept is "Cloud-network convergence" to build an end-to-end network infrastructure that integrates optical and IP, cloud data center and unified service organization, with five features: Good Scalability, Good Working, Good Orchestrator, Good Reliability, Good Decoupling. Through the layered and decoupled network architecture, the infrastructure resources are virtualized and pooled. The VNF network elements implement the decoupling between hardware and software of the network functions, and SDN, NFV and other technologies are introduced to achieve flexible control of the network. The solution is targeted at service scenarios such as 5G, integrated multi-service access, government-owned enterprise hosting, campus network, wide area network, and telecom cloud data center to realize business deployment on demand.

In the next-generation DC-centric network architecture, the general-purpose hardware products are used at the infrastructure layer, and the virtualization layer adopts FiberHome's newly launched FitTelecomOS telecom cloud platform for telecom cloud scenarios. The platform is tailor-made for 5G, featuring high reliability, maintainability, high performance, strong decoupling, and high security. It has laid a solid foundation for the construction of 5G cloud networks. The demonstration of FitTelecomOS was conducted at this exhibition. Its operation and maintenance interface is normalized, operation and maintenance tools are automated, and it has rich security policies. It supports an end-to-end security system, and its microservice architecture supports open decoupling at the three levels. It also supports fast virtual machine load and hot migration and can recover faults in real time. Many customers have expressed strong interest and expect more in-depth exchanges after the meeting.

NFV is the embodiment of cloud network's core value, and SDN is the key to the cloud's movement with the cloud. Through many years of intensive cultivation, FiberHome has been able to provide a series of product solutions such as mature SD-WAN, vBRAS, vSR, vFW, and vEPC, and it has been commercialized. Relying on its mature telecom cloud platform, FitTelecomOS, FiberHome will continue to invest in providing end-to-end NFV solutions for customers. At the same time, FiberHome is an important cooperative partner of major operators, and will play a demonstration role in the later period to help customers calmly respond to the challenge of the 5G new era.