Algeria Telecom Project Introduction

Algeria Telecom is the only public fixed communications operator in Algeria, and the main provider of broadband in the country. Algeria is the second country which commercially launched LTE in Africa.

For the first time Algeria Telecom deploy Metro-E network access MSAN since 2009, which has built an IP/MPLS integrated bearer network, carrying LTE / eNodeB、DSLAM、MSAN、VPN and internet private line. 

Algeria Telecom Metro-E network covering the whole 48 provinces, of which FiberHome gets share of  30 provinces,about 70% market occupancy,have deployed more than 500 sets of equipment. Deeply working with Algeria Telecom, we hope to utilize innovation products and our technologies to bring better network experience for Algeria people. As shown in Figure 1,these is the Algeria Telecom Metro-E integrated bearer network.