All Aluminum Conductor (AAC)

FiberHome AAC consists of aluminum wires. Its structure is simple, which makes it convenient for installation and maintenance. AAC does not use magnetic reinforcement. It shows no hysteresis loss, and reduced conductor’s AC resistance.

Conductor Structure Features and Benefits Technical Characteristics Installation Performance

-Max. RTS: 240 KN

-Max. cross section: 1500 mm2

-Min. DC Resistance 20℃: 0.0193 Ω/km

-Aluminum 1350−H19 wires are in accordance with specification ASTM B 230/B 230M

• Low line loss.
• Light weight.
• Large current carrying capacity.
• Without hysteresis loss.
• Excellent anti-corrosion performance.
• Apply to variety of voltage levels.
• Maximum long-term conductor temperature is 80℃.

-Low line loss

-Light weight

-Large current carrying capacity

-No hysteresis loss

-Excellent anti-corrosion performance

-Applicable to different voltage levels

-Installation bend radius installation: 20×D

-Temperature range: installation -10℃~+50℃

                                  operation  -40℃~+80℃