Central Aluminum Tube Type

FiberHome central aluminum tube OPGW is manufactured by extruding an aluminum layer onto the cable core (multiple loose tubes), where the fibers are protected within PBT loose tubes and reinforced by FRP. The outer layer of cable core is made of thermal barrier material.

Aluminum Tube Stranded Metallic Wires Superior Anti-corrosion Performance Installation Performance

- Optical fibers are housed in PBT loose tubes

- Aluminum tube are extruded out of multiple PBT tubes

-Aluminum clad steel wire (ACS)

-Aluminum alloy wire (AA)

-One or two stranding layers

- Aluminum tube shows enhanced anti-corrosion performance

- Decrease resistance and increase short circuit current capacity

-Bend radius: installation 20×D, operation 15×

-Temperature range: installation -10℃~+50℃

                                  operation -40℃~+80℃