Power Feeding Equipment


·Provide redundant converters and LCU

·Adopt LCU for programming, monitoring, alarm and diagnostics

·Full array dry contact closure for remote site alarm detection

·Provide electrode function

·Safely replace converters or test load without affecting power feeding

·Full local and remote monitoring via Ethernet connection

·Full-featured programming, monitoring, alarms, diagnostics, and ramping functions provided via LCU module



·Output Voltage: maximum: 6kV, nominal: 5kV

·Output Current: maximum: 1.2A , nominal: 1.0A

·Output Power: 5kW for 1+1 redundancy

·Input Voltage: -40.5 to -60 VDC

·Current Ripple: 10mA peak to peak of maximum output

·Voltage Ripple: 0.2% peak to peak of maximum output

·Current Stability: 0.1% (constant load) after a 4 hour warm up

·Operating Temperature: 5 to 40°C operating

·Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C storage