Convergent IPTV&OTT Solution


Open Architecture

Openness, Decoupling and Inter-op: Complete decoupling between systems at all levels (Management Platform, CDN and Terminal); support inter-op between Management Platform and CDN, CDN central node and edge node, CDN and terminals with different vendors; reduce deployment and integration cost;Easy to expand and lower the cost: The expansion of CDN nodes are not limited by the supplier, increasing the flexibility of deployment, effectively reducing the cost.


Convergence of IPTV and OTT: One system supports both IPTV and OTT, archiving the convergence of private and public network;Convergence of SD, HD and 4K: Advanced stream pushing capability. One system supports SD, HD and 4K services, and the customer has flexible choices according to different business requirements.Convergence of Broadband and Mobile network: One system supports both broadband and mobile network, realizing the integration of content, platform and network, unifying business operation and converging business experience.


Decoupling hardware and software, using universal severs, and reducing hardware cost. Quick deploy the IPTV platform at current cloud platform, fully realize the old asset and protect the customer investment.Support cloud platform resource scheduling, such as cloud transfer system, cloud content distribution, etc.Support network function virtualizing (NFV) and software definition network (SDN) to comply with the continuous evolution of carriers.

Customization and Operation

Strong R&D group:Strong r&d strength and human resources to provide customized services for customersReliable process support: Flexible and fast development processes provide a reliable guarantee for customization of customer requirementsExtensible architecture design: Modular system design can make flexible functional combination based on thebusiness requirements.