Metro-E Multi-services Bearing Solution


In the traditional mode, different services need different bearer networks such as MAN which meet the requirement of full-service bearing network but at same time lead to high Capex and Opex. The new era of network and information technology has given national broadband pose for higher requirements for metro network, such as full-service bearing, high bandwidth, high quality and expandability. Applications of 10G PON network, 100G Ethernet, LTE and 4K ultra HD technology has enforced MAN to enter into a new stage. Therefore, FiberHome proposed a Next Generation Full MPLS Metro-E Solution to solve the problem.


According to the customer's different needs and different application layers of network devices, We also provide different devices used in three levels.such as accessing layer、aggregation layer and core layer

Market share

Sales of more than 110 million, not only for the traditional carrier market to provide more and more quality services, but also committed to electricity, radio and television, government, military, education, high-speed rail and other areas of private enterprises and private network; Covering over 240 local networks all over the world.

Solution Introduction & Advantages

Fiberhome provides end-to-end management services and solutions. We offer two series devices,wiche are CiTRANS R800 series and CiTRANS R8000 series.As shown in Figure 1, we can see the scenarios of the Metro application.Our devices can meet different requirement in different layers

Figure 1:The Metro-E Network Solution

CiTRANS R800 provide SDH-like OAM, end-to-end QOS solution and high-precision clock synchronization for operators or subscribers. CiTRANS R800 series cover all the network layers, which support switching capacity from 8Gbps to 1.28Tbps. CiTRANS R800 series are applied for Carrier Ethernet applications include business services, such as Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN, IPTV, mobile backhaul transport networks, and broadband network gateway, etc, through a unified network architecture. Fiberhome CiTRANS R8000 series, including CiTRANS R865, CiTRANS R860, CiTRANS R845, CiTRANS R835E, CiTRANS R820, CiTRANS R810.

Fiberhome CiTRANS R8000 is Advanced Carrier-Class Router series. Focusing on the demand of the evolution of mobile backhaul network, Fiberhome introduces next generation router product based on distributed hardware processing platform and IP/MPLS software architecture which experiences the features of high capacity, high performance, high reliability and high scalability. Networking with CiTRANS R8000 series, it could provide integrated solution to IP network and will provide strong functions of IP routing and multi-service access on IP/MPLS network, which work as a unified-platform to satisfy requirements of large core and aggregation nodes to support various application including 3G/4G service, leased-line VPN, broadband access and Triple-Play for telecom services providers. Fiberhome CiTRANS R8000 series, including CiTRANS R8000-10, CiTRANS R8000-5, CiTRANS R8000-3, meet the requirements of different application.

Advantages 1: Highlight of Full MPLS Metro-E Solution

Adopting CITRANS Multi-Service Packet-based Platform which has MPLS and IPv6 functions.

Flexibly bearing multiple terminal services and link-layer services such as FTTx, DSL,WIFI, 3G, LTE, microwave service, TDM, ATM and Ethernet etc.

Adopting MPLS to network edges. The large capacity of MPLS L2/L2 VPN provides various end-to-end services for individuals, enterprises, mobiles and wholesales. It lifts the operation and management efficiency and increases the network expansion flexibility.

Hardware based BFD OAM technology realizes rapid detection among network nodes and links, improves the network failure convergence speed and satisfies requirements of carrier-class high reliability.

Hardware based BFD OAM technology realizes rapid detection among network nodes and links, improves the network failure convergence speed and satisfies requirements of carrier-class high reliability.

H-QoS function employees flexible traffic identification and classification.

Supporting 1588V2+SyncE technology the whole network which satisfies the clock synchronization requirements of 3G/LTE network.

Advantages 2: High Performance Hardware Processing Architecture

Leading hardware platform ,provide T bit access capacity

Networking-processor-based and ACL-based Implementation of non-blocking switching and forwarding

Support none-packet-loss with Large Buffer design

Advantages 3:Abundant Multi-service Carrying Capacity

Abundant and Flexible sub- board and interfaces including 100GE/40GE/10GE/GE/FE and CPOS and etc.

Specification for L2 service such as L2 VLAN, QinQ and QinQ termination;

Perfect VPN service including L2VPN, L3VPN, and excellent QoS function

Feature of PWE3, 1588v2 and Ethernet clock meeting requirements of MBH

Meet Carrier multicast requirements with Multicast CAC, IPv6/IPv4 unicast/ multicast, multicast routing, BGP, IGP and multicast fast convergence

Advantages 4: Powerful Routing and MPLS Processing Capability

Static routing protocol such as RIP/OSPF/IS-IS/BGP

TCP/IP protocol including ICMP/IP/TCP/UDP/ARP

MPLS functions of forwarding, support LSP tunnel created via manual configuration or LDP or RSVP-TE protocol

Advantages 5: Prefect Maintenance Management

Fiberhome OTNM 2000 management system support multi-language and GUI

To enhance convenience and maintenance

Support management, off-line control and QoS schedule of DHCP user, static user, L2VPN and L3VPN leased-line user