FiberHome Keep Contributing to Interoperability Standards of Optical Transmission Technology

As one of the most important Vender of Optical Transmission Solution worldwide, FiberHome keep contributing to the international standards such as ITU-T and Chinese national standards. Many of the standards are dedicated to the interoperability in-between different venders.

In Vancouver, Canada,20-24 February,2017, FiberHome, Huawei, Ciena, Coriant, Xilinx proposed “200GBASE-R and 400GBASE-R mapping into OPUflex” 200G and 400G interoperability standards. Attached the link in the ITU website.
In Vancouver, Canada, 20-24 February 2017,Coriant and FiberHome proposed “Proposal of G.709.otu4lr Draft Text” G.709 interoperability standards. Attached the link in the ITU website.

In Geneva, 29 Jan-9 Feb 2018, China Mobile, China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, EXFO, Viavi solutions, HUAWEI, ZTE Corporation, FiberHome achieve “SPN Interoperability test result and analysis from multi-vendors”, the interoperability test result is perfect. Attached the link in the ITU website.

In March 2014, China Mobile Communications Corporation , Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. , Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) , ZTE Corporation, FiberHome achieve “Frequency and time synchronization over OTN: requirements, implementation, deployments and test performance” interoperability standards. Attached the link in the ITU website and original document,

FiberHome also proposed plenty of OTN interoperability standards in China with the other vendors, attached the link for reference.
YD/T 1990-2009   General technical requirements for Optical Transport Network

YD/T 2713-2014    Technical requirements for Optical Transport Network (OTN) protection

YD/T 3069-2016    Interworking technical requirements of Optical Transport Network (OTN)

YD/T 2897-2015   Parameters and test methods for the energy efficiency - Optical transport network (OTN) equipment

YD/T 2149.1-2010 Technical requirements for optical transport network management Part 1:Basic principle

GB/T 32657.2-2016 Technical requirements for automatically switched optical network (ASON) node—Part 2:Technical requirements for OTN-based ASON node.