Full series FitCloud virtualization software products won the centralized purchasing biding of Central Government of China

Recently, the china central government publicly released the tender for 2016 virtualization software procurement project (hereinafter referred to as the Central Government Project). FiberHome full series FitCloud virtualization products were selected by Government of China, the Computing virtualization software (FitVM), the Storage virtualization software (FitStor), the Network virtualization(FitNet), the virtualization management software(FitOS). FiberHome is one of the few vender who win all the four software supply project.
"The central government 2016 tender on supply virtualization software procurement project" issued by the Central Government Procurement Center , which is the highest level of government procurement in China, Covering the most extensive one of the procurement for the both central and the local government. This project creates an immeasurable impact to the china’s virtualization software enterprises.
In recent years, China's cloud computing market has been booming and companies are increasing the investment in cloud computing technology research and development. The cloud computing technology has significantly increased. This tender is a positive recognition of China's cloud computing technology development. FiberHome as the key enterprise in ICT area, winning the Central government bid marks FiberHome’s ICT strategic transformation and the success of entering in Cloud Computing, Big data area.
In 2012 FiberHome started the cloud computing Big data R&D. In 2013, FiberHome released the first cloud computing and Big data products. In 2015 FitOS is commercial launched to the market. In the same year, FiberHome released FitCloud cloud-network integration solution, which integrates the network technologies advantage and cloud computing technologies. FiberHome has recruited more than 3,000 professionals engaging in the development of date center, virtualization platform, cloud computing, big data, application software and other products and released FitCloud cloud-network full series of Cloud ecology solutions which includes FitDC , FitNet, FitStor, FitVM, FitOS, FitPC , FitData , FitAPP and etc.
FitCloud cloud network integration strategy reflects FiberHome’s advantage cloud computing, Big data and the evolution of IT architecture. It reveals FiberHome’s overall strength from network to the cloud technology. FitOS cloud operating system, FitData big data platform, SDx (software defined everything) as the core part connects the top layer applications with the bottom layer infrastructure, to achieve the network hardware and software decoupling, cloud software functions, and make cloud data center as the basic information infrastructure.

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