FiberHome Develops Next-Generation PON Technology to Embrace 5G Era

"In the 5G era, the demand for ultra-broadband access is increasing, and various services put forward "Triple High" requirements for the ultra-broadband access network. To adapt to network evolutions, telecommunication operators need to build ultra-broadband and bandwidth on-demand ultra-broadband networks. FiberHome develops the next-generation PON technology, helping operators accelerate broadband network revolution in the 5G era.

The pain point of existing access networks is the poor flexibilities of bandwidth, platform architecture, and pipes, which cannot fully meet the ultra-broadband and bandwidth on-demand requirements.

4K video is an important service in the ultra-broadband era. For a single user, 20 Mbps bandwidth is required for watching 4K video, while 100 Mbps bandwidth is required for watching high-quality 4K video, and 800 Mbps bandwidth is required for watching 8K video. Video service is sensitive to network delay and jitter, so it has high requirement on the buffering and concurrent processing capabilities of network devices.

Currently, many platforms use centralized-management structures. They can only cope with relatively small volume of network traffic. In the Gigabit access era and the future with higher access speed, traffic volume will grow dozens of times. Coping with the digital torrent, OLT must have the characteristics of ultra-broadband and ultra-large scale. The centralized structure will lead to many problems such as bandwidth bottleneck, congestion, and poor customer experience.

Moreover, the traditional PON network is a hard pipe, which cannot fragment network resources. Therefore, the traditional PON network cannot help operators implement intelligent multi-service operation and is also difficult to maintain or manage.

In the 5G era, with rapid development of mobile Internet and Internet of Thing (IoT), the bandwidth-desired services such as high-definition 4K and AR/VR put forward "Triple High" requirement on the ultra-broadband access network.

 High traffic volume: Mobile Internet and IoT drive the development of the 5G era. In 2020, there will be 100 billion terminals connected to the Internet, bringing an increasing demand for bandwidth. The 4K and VR/AR services will also face the bandwidth insufficiency problem. Ultra-broadband access is imperative.
 High concurrency: In 2017, there will be 1,700,000,000 mobile terminals all around the world. Current access bandwidth cannot afford the future bandwidth requirement of sharply increasing concurrent bandwidth brought by 4K and hot videos. A technical support for higher bandwidth is required to reduce the bandwidth oversubscription ratio from 4:1 to 1:1.High quality awareness: Customers have higher requirement on video quality. For example, 4K video requires a 100 times lower bit error rate and VR requires the delay to be lower than 20 ms. 

With the next-generation access network technology, FiberHome can build an ultra-broadband, bandwidth on-demand access network. In addition, FiberHome has been offering solutions to the technical difficulties such as high-speed network access, distributed platform, and virtual OLT.

IEEE and ITU have set up the NG EPON and 25GPON research groups, respectively. The 100GPON technology (single wavelength, 25 Gbps rate) will be the mainstream of the next-generation PON technology. In 2016, FiberHome released the 100GPON prototype to implement 4*25 Gbps access. A single fiber provides 100 Gbps to support Gigabit and 10 Gigabit fixed bandwidth access and meet at least 10 Gbps mobile bandwidth access requirement for 5G base stations, leading the future of ultra-broadband access.

With the distributed forwarding architecture, a single device can support 20 thousand concurrent users and one platform simultaneously supports 10GPON, 40GPON, as well as 100GPON, realizing the possibilities of smooth migration to NG PON and protecting operators' investment. In addition, the distributed architecture meets the zero-packet-loss and zero freezing requirements of the 4K video service.

OLT virtualization effectively improves network O&M and on-demand access capabilities, reduces the number of CO equipment rooms for operators, and lowers O&M cost. It also separates software and hardware resources, making the network more secure and reliable.

The next-generation PON technology of FiberHome provides ultra-broadband and bandwidth on-demand networks for operators in the 5G era, meeting the "three high" requirement. Moreover, this technology protects operators' investment and implements intelligent operation. It helps operators migrate their networks from Gigabit access to ultra-broadband access in the 5G era."

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