Story Behind FiberHome's 560 Tbit/s Optical Transmission System

"In 2014, the transmission capacity of a single optical fiber exceeded 100 Tbps by FiberHome, and after that, FiberHome started to develop the multiplexing technology which can provide higher transmission capacity. Due to the Shannon limit, the maximum transmission capacity of traditional single-mode fibers cannot exceed 100 Tbps, while the space division multiplexing technology is only developed by a few manufacturers from Japan and the U.S. FiberHome faced the challenge of how to develop a new type of fiber with independent intellectual property.

After a year of technical research and development, FiberHome increased the transmission capacity of a single MDM fiber from 100 Tbit/s to 200 Tbit/s, breaking through the Shannon theory limit. In 2016, by using multiple fiber mandrel and component technologies, FiberHome has solved the challenge such as crosstalk between core regions, inaccurate core region location, and preform assembling of multi-core fiber. The 560 Tbps wavelength division multiplex and space division multiplexing have been successfully passed the test. Optical transmission technologies are continuously developing. FiberHome's R&D team will continue to make efforts and contribute in many cutting-edged fields of optical network transmission, such as space division multiplexing, sensor, and laser, to make breakthrough in the optical transmission field, and provide industry-leading technologies for global networks."

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