FiberHome Joins OpenStack foundation as Gold Member


8th May 2017, At the OpenStack Summit Boston, the Board of Directors of the OpenStack Foundation elected FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies as newest Gold Member of the Foundation, whose membership is limited to eight platinum members and up to a couple dozen gold members.

Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation said “OpenStack foundation will continue to attract new members and investment around the world, we have seen FiberHome have made significant contributions to the development of OpenStack community, and they have shown how the software is providing composable, agile infrastructure resources for a next-generation cloud applications."

The OpenStack Gold membership has a rigorous evaluation system, and the board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation evaluates new potential members based on their strategic commitment and contributions to the OpenStack community, as well as the company size, location, industry and so on. FiberHome has become the OpenStack Gold member in the OpenStack Foundation, for its highly recognized contribution to cloud computing technology and its application practices.


In the end of year 2013, FiberHome opted OpenStack as the core supporting technology for its clouds platform.  By the end of 2015, FiberHome released its FitCloud cloud-network integration strategy, which opened FiberHome’s core strategic concept of “cloud-network integration with collaborative sharing” which gave birth to the concept of FiberHome’s ICT 2.0.

OpenStack has been the cornerstone for FiberHome’s ICT strategic transformation. FiberHome’s “ChuTian cloud” pilot project using OpenStack open source architecture is used to build provincial government cloud platform set benchmark in the industry for the future large-scale projects using OpenStack platform. The FitCloud integrated solution is used in the government cloud, education cloud and other 12 industry areas.

In addition to this, FiberHome has carried out an extensive research on open source technologies. Its core cloud computing product FitOS is optimized via OpenStack, to provide customers with a stable IaaS platform. FitOS provides the service portal, work order management and VDC tenant management service for the business features of industry and government cloud, it also effectively improves the efficiency of cloud platforms operation and maintenance through monitoring, alarm system, statistics, billing, configuration management and log management. In addition, FiberHome self-developed SAN-Lock anti-split-brain technology to improve the product in the host, virtual machine high availability during failure scenarios.


Jeremy Stanley, infrastructure engineer with the OpenStack Foundation and Technical Committee member said, "I'm excited to see FiberHome's upstream focus on fixing reported bugs and helping review patches, this is exactly the sort of helpful contribution too often overlooked by other companies early in their community involvement." FiberHome have entered and contributed to OpenStack community since the release of Mitaka version, it also actively promoted the evolution of each community versions from Newton to Ocata to Pike. FiberHome’s contribution to the OpenStack community has drastically increased as years pass by. According to the latest studies, FiberHome’s comprehensive contribution to the OpenStack community has been ranked forefront in the country. In addition to the contribution to the OpenStack community, FiberHome have developed a clear development plan that requires R&D personnel to actively participate and contribute to the community, and enhance the users to use open source technology at ease. At the same time, FiberHome through hosting number of OpenStack meetups, participate in community activities such as OpenStack China Day to disseminate open source ideas and to enhance the impact of open source technology in the Chinese market

The successful entry of FiberHome as gold member in the OpenStack foundation will be the new starting point for the company’s Cloud computing. In the future, FiberHome will be focused on continuous innovation of the OpenStack Platform, together with partners to build an open, win-win, strong cloud environment, and actively promote OpenStack in the domestic and global market.


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