FiberHome CiTRANS 650 Won


Recently at 2018 PT Expo China held in Beijing, FiberHome (a subsidiary company of CICT Group) CiTRANS 650 product won the “2017-2018 China Telecom Industry Innovation Product Award”.

PT Expo China (PTEXPO) is the ICT ecosystem's leading event, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Firstly presented in 1990, the event is committed to building up a dynamic platform for the ICT ecosystem, providing an international platform and networking opportunities in the aspects of ICT policies, research & development, applications, market trends, and investment. PT Expo now has been the most influential annual event in the information and communication industry. The award-winning CiTRANS 650 series products has marked the outstanding strength of the product itself and has been widely recognized by the industry.

As more and more 5G trial network starts into construction, operators have launched their own network construction practices. It is generally believed that 2018 is the first year of 5G commercialization. In 2019, the complete 5G technical standard will be fully released. 5G commercialization start with bearer network firstly. Not only the construction practice of the trial network needs to be implemented in advance, but also the bearer network should be developed in a forward-looking way at technical level. By analyzing the huge changes caused by 5G wireless side brings new demands on the bearer network, and the 5G bearer technology evolution window has actually already arrived. Since China Mobile's innovative SPN slicing packet technology was born, China Mobile has also continuously strengthened its deep optimization and improvement under the technical framework, and proposed SPN target called the 3-tens, which is, large broadband (ten times enhancement) and low latency (ten times faster), single bit cost (ten times save). The bearer network SPN technology works at the physical layer, link layer, network layer and control layer respectively, and adopts innovative technology to support 3-tens target.

FiberHome CiTRANS 650 series is the main product platform of PTN, and the 650 U series platform can also fully support SPN technology. Both SPN and PTN are transport network architectures based on ethernet packets. As the inheritor of PTN technology, SPN has been enhanced and improved in Ethernet technology, introducing slice ethernet SE-TP and flexible segmentation of forwarding layer routing SR-TP technology, with the control plane SDN, uses a larger bandwidth Ethernet interface, with higher precision clock synchronization. FiberHome CiTRANS 650 U5 is the key product in the U-series that is positioned at the core aggregation level and is the industry's leading device with full SPN features. It has the advantages of large capacity, ultra-low forwarding latency, multiple slot numbers, and rich interface types to meet the needs of multi-service integrated bearers. In the practice of network architecture, CiTRANS 650 U5 products can flexibly support CRAN and DRAN networking modes, and pass all the test with high score in the multi-scenario SPN test organized by China Mobile Research Institute. To be concluded, CiTRANS 650 U series is the best SPN solution for 5G.

2018 is a year of 5G commercialization, also a key year for 5G bearer network. Depending on massive amount of research and experimental work in the early stage, FiberHome SPN products won this innovation award. More importantly, long-term efforts have been recognized in the industry. In the future, FiberHome will continue to cooperate with global operators such as China Mobile to promote the construction of 5G bearer networks.

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