FiberHome and Telkom Indonesia jointly challenge the era of ultra-high bandwidth


After a successful cooperation with Telkom Indonesia national project in XGPON platform, now with the continuous development of new services, FiberHome and Telkom Indonesia are ready to open another new chapter in cooperation in next-generation access products. 

According OVUM’s investigation result, they predict that 71% subscribers will have more than 30Mbps, 40% subscribers will have more than 100Mbps and 7% will be 1Gbps in 2022. At the same time, new services are also need high required for bandwidth and low latency. 4K or 8K video service need around 30Mbps to 50Mbps or around 140Mbps to 300Mbps, which means each subscriber need that access bandwidth. 5G mobile front haul or back haul also require big bandwidth, low latency and high reliable. The smart family is growing rapidly. More and more smart terminals are connected Internet via Wi-Fi to achieve Internet of thing (IoT). This situation or service also need large access bandwidth and high reliable. What’s more, cloud service is being used widely in many companies that have undergone ICT transform. Based on cloud service, the traffic model is changed from local switch to vertical communication. So, the current Enterprise need more bandwidth to carry vertical traffic in bi-direction. Due to above background, FiberHome and Telkom Indonesia conducted in-depth exchanges on next-generation access products.

FiberHome submit that next-generation access products at least should support ultra-bandwidth, low latency, high reliable, fast provisioning, easy maintenance, various access in one platform, able to slice and SDN ready. Telkom Indonesia combines their current status with a high level of recognition for ultra-bandwidth, able to slicing, and easy maintenance. Ultra-bandwidth could help them to supply more bandwidth resource to their subscribers. Slicing could solve problem that is all of maintenance department using the same physical equipment. Easy maintenance could help them to reduce OPEX and promote their subscriber’s feeling of using.
AN6000 is the newest OLT platform of FiberHome, which fulfill the features of next-generation access product and it could effectively solve the current hurt point of Telkom Indonesia.

AN6000 adopt distribution software architecture and high speed back plane line connection, which are supply 200Gpbs slot bandwidth from software to hardware. In additional, back plane could evolution to 400Gpbs slot bandwidth in the future and distribution software architecture give brain to each service card that could solve forward bottleneck in service card.

According market investigation, some carriers are using one physical OLT to carry different services which maintained by different teams or departments, since there don’t have enough space to install another OLT to the same cabinet or CO. In this situation, carriers face to solve many resources dissension. How to solve it? AN6000 slicing feature is a better choice. AN6000 slicing feature can not only slicing OLT from one physical to four logical, but also could give different priority to each virtual OLT on demand. Each logical OLT also could have independent hardware resource and software function module.

Through this in-depth exchange with Telkom Indonesia, we have reached a consensus on the characteristics of the next-generation OLT and exchanged recommendations on specific specifications. FiberHome are looking forward to further cooperation with Telkom Indonesia on the next-generation OLT platform.

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