FiberHome Launches the First 1280T OXC System


FiberHome has launched the global first 1280T optical cross-connect (OXC) System prototype. It precedent uses the precedent optical-cross backplane, which avoids the manual fiber connection work on large-capacity equipment. In addition, the system is equipped with the 32-dimensional WSS card, which is the highest in the industry, to implement per-slot one-in-one-out scheduling. The system is designed using C+L wave band, realizing the ultra-high-speed transmission by 400G with more than 100 wavelengths.

Fan Zhiwen, the president of FiberHome's network product line, said that FiberHome had develop the first OXC device as early as 2000 to prove its R&D strength. Now, the global first 1280T OXC system is launched for meeting the industrial chain's enthusiasm to OXC and customers' needs.

In an interview, Fan Zhiwen said: "The new services, such as 5G, lead to an explosive growth of connections. Service granule becomes larger. Network traffic direction is changed from north-to-south to north-to-south and east-to-west. The OXC technology has a new growth because the foundation network uses DC as the core and network topology is meshed. In addition, the mass production of key optical components such as high-dimensional WSS and MCS, the maturity of optical backplane technology, and the maturity of intelligent software such as planning software, control plane, and SDN lay the foundation for OXC commercial use. In large scale deployment, the traditional OTN electric-cross, including OTN cluster, faces many problems such as high-power consumption, poor heat dissipation, and large space occupation when the capacity increases. Therefore, the OTN and OXC combination is the mainstream solution in the industry".

In addition to the industry-leading cross capacity, the 1280T OXC system launched by FiberHome has resolved the small granule and optic layer OAM problems. It cuts the original wavelength to the size of service granule, fixing the small-granule service scheduling problem and implementing service-oriented optical cross scheduling. Traditional optic transport systems can implement only line-side OAM. However, FiberHome innovatively uses the wavelength label tracing technology, which tags special signal labels according to wavelengths to implement highly efficient end-to-end OAM for sub-wavelength. The label signal supports optical power, OSNR, and center frequency, and will support more features in future.
Thanks to the FONST 6000 series 400G optical transmission system, FiberHome has received the 2017 Optical Communications Outstanding Technical Innovation Award. With the launch of 1280T OXC system and a number of awards, FiberHome once again proves its leading position in the optical transmission field.

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