FiberHome in Thailand: for a win-win future


As a hot-spot travel destination for tourists, Thailand has great demand for good-quality telecommunication experience for its own citizens as well as travelers from all over the world. Therefore, the telecommunication industry in Thailand is of large business scale and fast growth. It is noticeable that the complicated networks of optical cable are installed all over the streets and lanes in Thailand. It is those networks that provide the mobile network and fixed network signal to Thais and tourists from all over the world and offer constant supports and services to the telecommunication cause in Thailand.

Thailand’s telecommunication industry gains attention of optical cable and optical fiber manufacturers from the whole world while the stringent evaluations requested by the operators are needed for access to the market. The products shall pass TISI certification tests and product delivery shall be timely. Besides, a local sales, marketing and service team is prerequisite. FiberHome has passed TISI certification tests for all series of optical cables. We have a sales and marketing team of 50 Chinese staffs who are based in Thailand and a professional local team of 40 or so. We are able to provide professional, 7/24 and face-to-face services including product presentations, technical clarifications and solutions to construction problems for our clients. On the basis of the good brand image built through high-quality, stable delivery and good local services, FiberHome has established a stable cooperation with all the operators in Thailand and has become the biggest optical cable and optical fiber provider in the country.

According to the statistics from Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Thailand, Thailand’s total demand for optical cables has witnessed fast growth in consecutive years. Since 2015, FiberHome takes the highest market share of Thailand’s optical cables, and the share has grown year by year.

FiberHome adheres to providing the best products and services. In the past few years, our cooperation with the big operators in Thailand has been increasingly deepened. Our optical cables have built good reputation among clients (like True, 3BB, TOT and AIS) and we have never received big complaints in the past 5 years. As Jaruwan from FiberHome International (Thailand) put it, the optical cables of FiberHome had been installed in every corner of Thailand, so it was easy to see them when you looked up.

In order to maximize the potential of fiber optics and benefit the society, FiberHome has been devoted to constructing advanced telecommunication infrastructure for people throughout the world with complete communication solutions and global sales, marketing and services teams. At present, FiberHome has set up 36 subsidiaries and branches globally and has provided communication products and solutions for over 100 global clients. As one of fist products of FiberHome, optical cable has ranked first in export among optical cable enterprises of China for 10 consecutive years. Along with the development of the Thailand telecommunication industry and expansion of FiberHome, we believe that FiberHome together with partners in Thailand will yield better results in this beautiful and splendid southeastern country.

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