Breaking News | First Time in China! CICT Group Realizes Pb/s Level “Three Ultra” Optical Transmission Technology in Optics Valley


Recently, from China's information and communication technology group(CICT), good news comes. China's optical communication technology has once again made breakthroughs.

The State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Network, the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, and the subsidiaries of CICT Group, FiberHome and Accelink, have jointly successfully developed 1.06 Pbit/s ultra-large capacity wavelength and space division multiplexing optical transmission system experiment in China. The transmission capacity is 10 times of the maximum capacity of the existing single-mode optical fiber transmission system, and the data stored by about 2,300 4K movies(Blu-ray 50G) can be transmitted in one second.

The experimental result achieved ,by using domestic optical transmission system technology, optical device and optical chip technology, and the most advanced achievements in fiber optic cable technology, mark China's new progress in the field of "ultra-large capacity, ultra-long-haul, ultra-high-rate" optical communication systems.

The system equipment generates 375 optical carriers in the C+L band, and realizes 178.18 Gbit/s DFTs-PDM-16QAM signal transmission and reception in the 25 GHz channel based on the silicon optical coherent transceiver chip, which completed optical transmission verification in the single mode 19-core fiber. The total transmission capacity reaches 1.06Pbit/s, and the spectral efficiency reaches 113bit/s/Hz. After the third-party testing and verification, the “1.06Pbit/s ultra-large capacity single-mode multi-core optical fiber transmission system” realized this time is the first in China and has reached the international advanced level.

At the same time, the core optical chip and optical fiber used in this experiment are independently developed and have completely independent intellectual property rights. The silicon optical coherent transceiver chip is jointly developed by the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, the National Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Network, Accelink and FiberHome. It integrates nearly 60 active and passive optical components on a silicon chip of less than 30 square mm , including optical transmission, modulation, reception, etc., which can support C + L band simultaneous operation and is currently the most integrated commercial photonic integrated chip in China.

Through process and technological breakthroughs, the cross-channel crosstalk problem of single-mode 19-core fiber is also solved. The isolation of adjacent cores is better than -40dB, which minimizes the interference and influence between "lane" and "lane".

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