FiberHome pass the Telcordia certification again and provide momentum for the construction of 5G for the global carriers


FiberHome passed the Telcordia certification for outdoor optical cable following the Telcordia verification of the optical fiber which reinforced our confidence and enhance our ability to provide 5G network construction for the global carriers. 

Telcordia, predecessor of Bellcore, is the world-class testing institute for telecommunication equipment which is recognized by Verizon, one of the biggest telecom carriers in the world, as an independent testing laboratory. The obtain of the Telcordia certification enables FiberHome to have access to the high-end telecom market. As an innovator of numerous telecom and network technologies, Telcordia has been devoted to leading the formulation of the optical components and equipment standards and has set up GR standards for design, application and construction of network. Its GR-20-CORE, namely Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cable, is a reference for international standards of optical fibers and optical cables. Telcordia certification is an important criterion for big telecom carriers in developed countries to select the optical cable suppliers.

Telcordia requires the suppliers to meet the strict international standard for product and to
be equipped with professional testing facility as well as to have the strict quality control system.
With high-quality products and stringent quality control system, FiberHome has passed 60
items of Telcordia over 100 days and has become one of optical fiber and cable suppliers with
Telcordia certification.

According to the report released by CRU, the top consulting agency, the total demand of the global optical fiber and cable reached 550 million fiber kilometers in 2018, among which Chinese manufacturers produce 348 fiber kilometers, accounting for 63% of the total and thus making the main provider of optical fibers and cables for the world. According to the export data from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, FiberHome account for 20% of the China’s total export of optical fibers and ranked first in export among optical cable enterprises of China for 10 consecutive years. As the one of the top enterprise in optical communication industry in China with the complete set of industry chain of optical wand, optical fiber and optical cable, FiberHome has established complete system of sales and services and has provided communication products and solutions for over 100 global clients. Besides, FiberHome has expanded its market from Asia, Africa and South America to Europe and our products have been widely used by clients around the world.

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