FiberHome Spare Parts Management Service


As the evolution of network technology accelerates, more and more complex networks put forward higher requirements for the specialized operation of spare parts business. On the one hand, ensuring fast and accurate supply of spare parts is a basic requirement for network security. On the other hand, operators are eager to reduce the cost of spare parts investment and operations while improve the efficiency of asset operations. Compared with traditional spare parts services, spare parts management services can help operators significantly reduce TCO investment costs, and one-stop spare parts management services are increasingly favored by operators around the world.

For a long time, spare parts management has always had problems such as slow information update, slow supply response, unscientific management, high operating costs, and even unable to effectively support the basic spare parts needs of operators.

The FiberHome one-stop spare parts service solution provides spare parts management, spare parts delivery, spare parts inspection, software upgrade, spare parts rework and other services to help customers achieve integrated and refined dynamic spare parts management, and improve management efficiency through spare parts service management software.

FiberHome spare parts management service
In the face of massive and ever-changing spare parts information, the FiberHome spare parts management service regularly checks and adjusts the spare part model and quantity, upgrades the spare parts software version from passive to initiative to achieve dynamic spare parts management. One-stop spare parts management service contains management platform, customer terminal app, smart password cabinet, and those three key components unified into one single body which allows the unified management of spare parts to operate non-stop 7*24 hours in response to customer needs, and it ensures fast, stable and accurate spare parts supply at the same time. The centralized, standardized, and informative management system can accurately match the types and quantities of spare parts based on business importance and regional differences, realizing the refinement of spare parts management and effectively reducing the cost of spare parts management.

Collaborative operation of RMA (fault, application, repair, replenishment, process management, etc.) and WMS (spare parts inventory management and real-time process control) provide multiple functional interfaces to create visual, controllable, traceable, analyzable IT platform. The main functions of the intelligent spare parts IT management software platform cover three aspects, including report, analysis and auxiliary management such as KPI assessment, spare parts failure statistics, spare parts usage and other reporting functions; inventory warning and analysis, logistics analysis and other analysis functions; regular spare parts inspection, version update and other auxiliary management functions.

FiberHome spare parts management service cloud platform
The FiberHome One-Stop Spare Parts Service Solution has been widely applied in nearly 100 projects around the world, helping operators to significantly reduce the cost and risk of spare parts business operations, while simplifying multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-network spare parts business management to improve Maintain efficiency and focus on core business. At present, the spare parts service solution is still evolving toward intelligence, aiming to improve management efficiency, platform usability, and bring the best service experience to customers.

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