FiberHome Made a Great Show at BBWF, Driving the Cloudified bearer network evolution towards 5G


On October 23-25, the 2018 World Broadband Forum (BBWF) was held in Berlin and received strong attention from operators and equipment manufacturers from all over the world. FiberHome Communications delivered a keynote speech on "5G Drives Cloudified Bearer Network Evolution", which explained the new changes of 5G bearer network in detail from 5G's rich application scenarios, next-generation network architecture and network management reform, and end-to-end business flexible scheduling. At the same time, sharing the unique contribution and latest development of FiberHome in the 5G era has been unanimously recognized by experts from all over the world.   

FiberHome Global Marketing Manager Wang Xiaofei Made the Speech

According to FiberHome, “The application scenario will show three evolutionary trends driven by the diversified demand of 5G. First, the eMBB application scenario supporting the 1Gbps on the customer side will be first commercialized around 2020 to meet the initial application requirements of 5G; secondly, The uRLLC application scenario with 1ms ultra-low latency will follow closely to meet the needs of the Internet of Vehicles. Finally, the mMTC scene supporting more than 100 million connection densities will finally debut to achieve full application of 5G. In response to the reform of the bearer network architecture in the 5G era, it is necessary to address the bandwidth and latency indicators of the wireless side. First of all, through the mobile cloud network clouding and sinking to achieve the new requirements of the 'North-South direction' and 'East-West direction' of the business, the network structure will gradually develop from the ring to the full interconnection, and the electrical layer and the optical layer will be flexibly mixed to better serve. For diverse networking needs. Secondly, the access side is backed by the traditional backhaul, and the three-stage network architectures of pre-transmission, intermediate transmission and back-transmission are generated through the separation of CU/DU. Once again, the user experience and demand in the 5G era will have a qualitative leap. The traditional GE/10GE access bandwidth can no longer be met, the access layer will be upgraded to 25GE or even 50GE, and the aggregation core layer will deploy more N*100G. . Finally, the integrated management and management system based on SDN technology will greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the network, and ultimately reduce the operator's CAPEX and OPEX.

In the 4G era, the service is layered, the access layer is L2/L3 VPN, and the core aggregation layer is L3VPN. In the 5G era, as the MEC sinks to the edge, end-to-end flexible L3 service scheduling for S1, eX2 and MEC interconnection is necessary, which is also the ultimate goal of bearer network evolution, but L3 is implemented in the access layer. Functionality is a huge challenge. In order to simplify the operation and maintenance management of the network, the company proposed to combine the SR and SDN technologies to completely break through the existing network restrictions, mainly in the following three aspects: (1) for the path connection, using SR to simplify the protocol stack; for business connections, A single EVPN protocol is used to manage the network to expand on demand; (2) combined with global scheduling of SDN and local tuning of TiLFA to make the network more robust; (3) making end-to-end network connections a reality. Specifically, the new technology makes the aggregation point no longer a bridge point for L2/L3VPN, and end-to-end L3VPN becomes a reality, which is essential for ensuring flexible scheduling of services.

The 5G network interconnects everything, reshaping all aspects of people's lives and spawning an extremely diverse application ecosystem. This is also the driving force behind the efforts of the 5G bearer network. Campfire is willing to work with the industry to accelerate the new development of 5G and create a better future.

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