FiberHome Assists Indosat Operator Opening up New IPTV Market


Right now many operators have faced a problem, even though their broadband users have increased rapidly, but their revenue increased slowly. As the second largest telecom operator in Indonesia, Indosat M2 has the same problem. In order to promote their broadband users and increase the revenue, they decide to provide IPTV service to their subscribers, and they choose FiberHome to be the only provider.

On September 20, 2018, FiberHome got the exciting news from Indosat M2. It was announced that Fiberhome has received the official certificate for passing the User Acceptance Test of IPTV system. This means that FiberHome IPTV service can be officially launched for Indosat M2 end users. This is a new achievement of FiberHome in Indonesian market, and it will greatly enhance Indosat M2’s competitiveness in broadband market.

Indonesia has a population of over 248 million, ranking fourth in the world. It is one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the largest economy in Southeast Asia. At present, FTTH and 4G is under vigorous development, meanwhile its broadband and mobile network users are increasing rapidly, which provides a great opportunity for developing IPTV business in Indonesia.

This time, Indosat M2 got a complete end-to-end IPTV solution, which includes Headend System, DRM, Service Management System, CDN and Stb. All hardware and software are produced by FiberHome and its partners.

Figure1: IPTV System Architecture

The whole IPTV system can support over 100 thousand users now and can be expanded smoothly without influencing the current system and users. It provides many services, including live TV, VOD, catch-up, time-shift, advertisement, TV message, games, personal list, bookmark and music to the subscribers. The system can also integrate with third parties’ services and products, and this provides more functions and applications. The end user can choose what they want to use and watch freely, and Indosat M2 can collect the user information and recommend customized entertaining contents to the user. In addition, Indosat M2 also can push advertisement to target users, and achieve accurate advertising delivery. In order to protect the copyright, the system integrated with Verimatrix DRM to encrypt all the content, and only registered Stb can play the video correctly.

Besides above technology advantages, compared with other projects, this project uses a creative business model. It does not adopt a one-time procurement method, but uses leasing and installment payment. Indosat M2 only needs to make the payment for Headend system first, all the others will be a two-year lease, and only need to make payment at the end of each year. In this way, the cost pressure of Indosat M2 can be effectively alleviated. It is a win-win model for Indosat M2, end-users and third party.

Figure2: Homepage of IPTV

As the first IPTV system deployed in Indonesia, FiberHome and Indosat M2 organized a strong project team and established an effective communicating and coordinating mechanism. In only 4 months, the project team completed all the work including equipment procurement, transportation, installation, software development, deployment, testing and commissioning, consequently provided strong support and guarantee for the system to be launched in the market as soon as possible.

Figure 3: Indosat M2

The successful launch of the IPTV system signifies that Indosat M2 become a key player in Indonesian IPTV market. With the IPTV system, Indosat M2 can provide high quality video service and diverse value-added services for its end-users, which will enhance its market competitiveness in broadband and IPTV, and attract more end users to subscribe Indosat M2’s broadband and IPTV services, and then brings more revenues.

Through this project FiberHome will have more confidence to promote IPTV solution in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and our customer Indosat M2 will have a good return on this investment. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

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