FiberHome: G.metro Technology is Released through China Unicom Acceptance, Helping 5G Industrialization Acceleration


2018 is a year of vigorous development of various 5G bearing technologies, and various 5G bearing technologies are in full swing. As an important part of 5G bearer, the fronthaul is facing serious challenges of insufficient fiber resources. In order to meet this challenge, China Unicom took the lead in promoting G.metro technology and hoped to provide controllable, convenient operation and low cost access solutions.

The G.698.4 standard was officially adopted at the ITU-T SG15 plenary meeting on February 9, 2018, marking the G.metro technology moving from standard to practical application. As a member of China's communications industry, Fiberhome is brave in exploring new technologies, and has been brave in exploring. It has once again achieved new breakthroughs with China Unicom, and completed the G.metro technology to accelerate the implementation of G.metro. technology application process.

FiberHome cooperated with China Unicom to perform system-level test verification on the G.698.4 standard definition on the G.metro device, fully verifying the automatic wavelength tracking adaptation, automatic recovery of port module replacement, over-length fiber span capability, multi-rate adaptation. The functions required for practical applications such as access, transmission link delay, system transmission capacity, and online software carrier upgrade. All functions meet the standard requirements and have been unanimously affirmed by the acceptance experts.

The acceptance of the G.metro equipment has further proved the feasibility of the G.metro standard in the direction of technology and industrialization, and opened the journey of productization. At the same time, it will strongly promote the G.metro technology industrialization chain, which provides a strong and solid foundation for the wide application of G.metro technology in 5G pre-transportation and broadband access.

The future of G.metro technology will have far-reaching implications for the following aspects.
1) Automatic wavelength management: With the further sinking and popularization of WDM technology, the multi-scenario dense wavelength management brought by DWDM technology has become complicated. G.metro technology helps to automate port-to-wavelength adaptation, channel tracking or wavelength label management, while greatly improving wavelength scheduling accuracy and wavelength reuse efficiency.

2) Improve operation and maintenance efficiency: With the massive deployment of 5G pre-transmission and access layers, the massive ports of access devices and terminals will be outbreak in the future, posing serious challenges to on-site maintenance management. G.metro technology uses the carrier channel to carry out remote port management, remote fault location, and remote online upgrade, which greatly reduces the number of on-site maintenance of operation and maintenance personnel.

3) Reduce the requirements of operation and maintenance personnel: network deployment has become more and more intensive, and the technical requirements of engineering personnel are getting higher and higher. How to realize the rapid opening of the project and reduce the reliance of personnel on network equipment, thereby reducing personnel costs. It is important. G.metro technology realizes blind insertion and blind use, replaces people, automatically completes the communication and business recovery, and implements Zero Touch in the fronthaul network.

5G commercial deployment, access bearer network first is the pioneer. On the road of independent innovation and development, FiberHome will work more closely with its peers in various fields to jointly build a harmonious industrial chain, actively participate in promoting the industrialization and product realization of G.metro technology, and actively participate in operators. Network construction such as 5G pre-transmission and broadband access will help G.metro technology accelerate on the 5G industrialization road.

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