In Collaboration FiberHome Forge Ahead


In February of Thailand, after days and nights of continuous struggle by the project team, FiberHome was awarded the Thailand OPERATOR A 2017 FTTx ODN Turnkey project finally. As a turnkey service supplier to enter the OPERATOR A ODN turnkey project for the first time, FiberHome has demonstrated advantages technically and commercially. Standing out among many competitors, FiberHome successfully won two bids in the northern and central regions which cover 50% of the Thailand overall land area.

Looking back on the process of the bid, the project team has made breakthroughs in four aspects:
1, Close cross-department cooperation, realizing synergetic strength to accomplish breakthrough.
This project is not just a construction project of pure ODN passive products, but a turnkey project involving the OLT. The two parts are related to each other and require cooperation of various departments such as ODN business unit, network broadband business unit, cable business unit, and technical service company. How to reasonably divide the work interface and efficiently meet the actual needs of customers is one of the key factors for the success of the project. In this regard, the project team at all stages of the bidding, whether it is at the subcontractor negotiate stage, or the technical discussion stage, has achieved resource sharing and technical integrating.
2, The technical advantages
OPERATOR A 2017 FTTx ODN Turnkey Project is FiberHome’s first full turnkey project for optical cable construction in Thailand. In order to fully demonstrate the technical strength of our company, the project team learned from the turnkey project teams in the Philippines, Malay, Indonesia and other countries to absorb the experience and finally successfully show our advantages to OPERATOR A in integrated technical experience in project management, resource allocation, project risk control and many other aspects, building up FiberHome’s professional company image.
3, Elaborate business planning
Business has always been a key influence on OPERATOR A decision making. Throughout the bidding process, the project team applied a variety of strategies to conduct subcontractor inquiry, continuously reducing project costs and securing reasonable profits, to gurantee our service.

With the slogan of “Fight together, get the job”rooted in mind, all members of the project team share common goals and values. This strong sense of teamwork has brought people from different departments to work closely together. Because of this, FiberHome has been awarded the OPERATOR A project successfully after half a year of bidding.

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