FiberHome LAN Cable—Link to Your Future


Recently, FiberHome took the leading Cabling System Solutions’ products to attend the largest CATV expo in Philippine—PCTA. With its outstanding quality and great brand image, FiberHome has attracted numerous customers to the booth for business cooperation.

As a pioneering manufacturer of optical fiber and the leader of optical telecommunication in China, FiberHome has been conducting research and development in communication field for more than 40 years and has accumulated abundant technical experience. With wide range of products, such as cables, communication equipment, and intelligentizing applications, FiberHome serves its customers with comprehensive end-to-end solutions and strong support in pre-sale and after-sale services.

The cable products of FiberHome have been enjoyed wide popularity in both domestic and overseas market, and have ranked No.1 in domestic export for ten consecutive years. The LAN cable structure cabling products manufactured by FiberHome have also enjoyed high reputation. It has been among top 3 brands in Chinese market, and has taken a large market share, especially in the southwestern region of China; where the share has even accounted for more than 80%. In recent years, taking the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative and the global ICT market development, FiberHome has begun to flourish in overseas market, and the LAN cable structure cabling products have been sold to South American, Southeast Asian, African countries and other regions.

The manufacturing base of FiberHome’s LAN cable products is located in the hometown of Panda—Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. The annual production capacity has achieved 800,000 boxes (1000ft/box). Besides, in order to ensure sufficient supply to meet the large demand from global market, FiberHome has planned to increase its production capacity to 1.5 million boxes in 2020 by adding new production lines.

Currently, FiberHome has whole series of LAN cable and relevant accessories, with globally recognized UL and ETL certificates. Besides, with strong R&D capability, FiberHome provides customized products based on customers’ requirements, and offers more choices to customers. Indeed, FiberHome can not only provide LAN cable and accessories, but also offer comprehensive cabling solution to customers. Through optimizing and consolidating comprehensive cabling products, FiberHome will provide outstanding Ethernet cabling system to customers to achieve great transmission effects.

With high-quality products and thorough pre-sale and after-sale services, FiberHome has launched its good reputation, and it will carry forward the fine traditions to continually provide the customers with high-quality product and services for structure cabling products. Using the established logistics network and sufficient local inventory, FiberHome can guarantee prompt delivery from the local and overseas warehouse to the assigned destination of the customers.

Applying the optical and copper-based LAN cable solutions of FiberHome in structure cabling system to build a digital bridge to link and change the future for the kind-hearted and wise Philippines people—we believe that FiberHome will shine in Philippines once again.

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