LAN Cabling System adopts a series of high quality transmission medium to integrate voice, data, image and part of signal control system. It systematically combines three subsystems in modern buildings and provides physical medium for them. Referring to the ISO11801, the LAN cabling system can be divided into six subsystems which are work area, horizontal cabling subsystem, telecommunication room, riser backbone, equipment room and campus backbone. The quality of information transmission in buildings largely depends on the quality of the Lan Cabling system. And absolutely the choice of solution is the key point of it all. Usually, three aspects should be taken into consideration for choosing.

Figure.1 LAN Cabling System


In terms of materials, LAN Cabling System products can mainly divide into transmission medium and accessories, which are applied to different subsystems. Of course, the LAN cable and related accessories are the most important part in the system. The widely used types of LAN cable are shielded or unshielded of CAT.5E, CAT6 and CAT.6A. Generally, the Attenuation, NEXT, Characteristic Impendence and Return Loss are considered as the main text items.
Even though market requirements often change, in end-to-end testing, the FiberHome products are always far more than TIA/EIA 568, ISO/IEC 11801. And all these perfect performances are due to the FiberHome’s production controls. The different lay length of twisted pair largely reduces the value of NEXT, foamed insulation and nonlinear separator make attenuation lower than both international standard and industry standard. What’s more, accessories processes are also improving controlled. Instead of ABS materials, FiberHome modules and faceplates are made of flame retardant polycarbonates which is harder than old ones. And the thickness of gold plating on connectors and distribution frame can be 50μ" which is higher than the 30-40 μ" , the industry average level. It can improve the ability of abrasion resistance and prolongs service life. In addition, FiberHome is strict in package specification to guarantee the traceability of products quality. All of them tell you that FiberHome products can meet all needs of customers all around the world!

Figure.2 Fiberhome LAN Cable

Figure.3 FiberHome LAN Cable Accessories

The different application scenario not only leads to a high requirement on products quality but also brings severe challenge on service capability to the providers of LAN cabling system solution. FiberHome can manufacture cables ranging from CAT.3 series to CAT.7 series, which customization can be made according to the different application scenario with high compatibility. Customer orientation is the operating principles of FiberHome who is provide global service to customers around the world all the time.

If high quality products and excellent service is a spear of company management, the brand shall be the shield. FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd is the major high-tech enterprise directly affiliated to the State-owed Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council which was founded in 1999 in Wuhan. In the past 20 years, FiberHome has been forging ahead in the field of communication and has built a brand of communication renowned both in domestic and overseas.

Figure.4 Wuhan and Chengdu Industrial Base

In order to respond to the Belt and Road Initiative and building a more professional brand, FiberHome has undertaken layout in the international market of LAN cabling system solution. “Customer orientation and Continuous innovation” are the operating principles of FiberHome and whether in products, service quality or even the brand influence, FiberHome shall be your preferred brand!

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