FiberHome Leads in 5G Fronthaul Bearing Test Based on M-OTN Technology


Through the coordinated efforts of involved industry associations, 5G has made rapid and significant progress in the global communication industry. As the leading company of China's optical communication industry, FiberHome has overcome various challenges and achieved significant breakthroughs in 5G developments.

During the Phase-I Test of 5G Fronthaul Bearing, which’s organized by Beijing Research Institute of China Telecom, FiberHome has achieved excellent performance. This is the world's first transmission test for 25Gbps speed based on eCPRI standard, which has far-reaching significance for the communication industry.

FiberHome fronthaul solution can support up to 6*25G eCPRI transmission bandwidth capacity, and provide 3*10G CPRI service in addition. Especially for the uRLLC(Ultra-Reliable & Low Latency) scenarios(such as autonomous vehicles) which are the most discussed scenario in 5G applications, FiberHome 5G OTN devices recorded excellent performances, with around 0.63 microsecond (without FEC) in node transmission latency and nanosecond level of delay jitter. In this test, the 5G service card was based on 3GPP OTN-lite proposal which’s led by FiberHome, path mapping in eCPRI-> ODUflex-> flexo_FR which is shorter than the traditional OTN structure (G.709) to achieve fewer layers and less delay. Besides, OTN-lite eliminates overhead redundancy and greatly reduces the cost as well. In general, with the excellent performance achieved in this 5G fronthaul bearing test, FiberHome has proven itself to be fully capable of playing a greater role in the development of 5G together with telecom operators.

2018 is the first year of 5G bearing era. OTN technology, possessed with many characteristics such as large bandwidth, low delay, etc., has become an integral part of 5G bearing solution, and will play an important role in the 5G development. To this end, in the second plenary session of ITU-T SG15 2017-2020 research period, China Telecom alongside with FiberHome, successfully promoted the establishment of M-OTN standard.

M-OTN is an OTN technology for optimized mobile bearer network. The main features include single level multiplex, flexible time-slot structure and simplified overhead. The goal is to provide a low cost, low latency and low power consumption mobile bearer network. In this meeting, ITU-T SG15 officially launched two M-OTN standards:

1) G.sup.5gotn: OTN application in 5G transmission: the standard describes application of existing OTN technology in 5G bearer network, and introduces the next step of future standard. This signifies that OTN is the first and currently the only 5G E2E bearing technology, which is officially recognized by ITU-T SG15.

2) G.ctn5g: Characteristics of transport networks to support IMT-2020/5G: This standard will support 5G specification requirements and general characteristics of transmission capacity. The project takes reference of GSTR-TN5G requirements, eCPRI, CPRI, multiple standards related to OTN G.709.x, G.698.x, G.872, G.7712, and IEEE 802.3, IEEE802.1CM. It shows that OTN technology will become the major part of the ongoing and future research projects.

From this publication, M-OTN (Mobile-optimized OTN) is formally recognized by ITU-T SG15 research group. The technology can be applied to fronthaul, middlehaul and backhaul, and the standardization process will be carried out soon.

Fiberhome will continue to strive to be the pioneer of 5G commercialization by continuously cooperate with China Telecom and other industry companies, painstakingly contribute to the development of M-OTN technology, and continue to play a major role in future developments of 5G network.

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