FiberHome Cloud Service: On the Road to Transformation


With the continuous development of emerging technologies, carrier is confronting with infinite opportunities, as well as difficulties in transition. In the PT Expo China 2017, with the theme of "helping carriers to achieve business transformation", FiberHome Service provides more complete cloud service solutions, including the big data & cloud services, and DevOps agile development and maintenance system.

Big Data & Cloud Service
Based on IT PaaS platform, the big data & cloud platform transformation services could protect to support traditional business, besides, FiberHome quickly enhance the understanding of hardware and software services, from the view of IT business and data, creating the high-value and high-tech cloud services, helping carriers to integrate and share data from existing systems, including business domain, admin domain, and operation domain, maximizing the value of data assets.

Carriers have great potential in cloud services, in order to help carriers successfully transform to cloud service providers, FiberHome refined the cloud service layer according to carriers’ needs:

ICT infrastructure layer: after purchasing services, carriers can quickly establish the infrastructural environment, to release more energy and focus on business and operations. FiberHome have self-owned modular room, super micro server, DCIM tools, and thus could provide professional infrastructure operation and maintenance team;

Cloud platform layer: with self-developed FitOS cloud platform, platform operation and maintenance tools, systematical service management support, and full use of virtualization and cloud computing technology, FiberHome helps to greatly reduce the costs, achieving the construction of flexible expansion, and rapid response services to help carriers to achieve rapid transformation;

Business application layer: with rapid response to demand, it could release on-line new business systems and support for automated operation and maintenance, greatly reducing the dependence on personnel. With strong capabilities in customized development, FiberHome can provide three-dimensional solutions, high performance and reliable security of professional services;

Big data layer: help customers achieve market success, and improve management, decision-making, forecasting and other capabilities, and eventually build a high-value future. FiberHome has FitInsight big data tools, providing public security industry and data of public opinion monitoring, data mining, modeling and analysis service team for Hubei provincial government cloud project.

DevOps Agile Development Operation and Maintenance System Service
By combining with carriers’ need, FiberHome customized FitOps agile development operation and maintenance tools and solutions which is based on the concept of DevOps, to solve the problems of the difficulty in the cooperation of demand, research, and operation in traditional organization structure, which leads to low efficiency of delivery and customer expectation deviation, and eventually achieve agile and intelligence of the entire application development operation and maintenance services. At the same time, based on excellent openness and compatibility of FitOps, FiberHome could provide one-stop solution, by driving customers’ need on servers, cloud platform, SDN network equipment.

FitOps agile development operation and maintenance tools include CMDB – with three functional modules of IT resource management system, continuous delivery, intelligent monitoring. CMDB - IT resource management system help customers accurately manage their hardware facilities and application systems through the provision of real-time fresh IT resource data, and operational data platform; continuous delivery function provides atomic working platform, reducing the dependence on personnel through the development and delivery of experience tools , package the script, to provide automatic inspection, automatic testing, automatic release and other continuous deployment of delivery capabilities; intelligent monitoring module provides system health check function, as well as highlights function of fault self-healing, which could provide timely warning, automatic operation and maintenance, and closed loop to resolve and trace the cause of the alarms.

In addition, FiberHome has also trained a number of talents in the field of DevOps, to help carriers further deploy DevOps agile development system, so as to establish an all-dimension agile system on program - tools - personnel.

Based on ultra-wideband infrastructure services, FiberHome has carried out new services in the field of innovation breakthroughs, help carriers to achieve transformation in network, business and capacity. In compliance with the development tendency from CT to IT, FiberHome has been greatly promote the proportion in IT content. And all of these are attributed to FiberHome’s successful ICT practice and years of rich experience in helping carriers to transform.

Fact is the best interpretation of success, with the latest practice and results, FiberHome has made many project reference:

In 2016, FiberHome design the integrated ecological solutions of the "agricultural cloud" industry for the agricultural products distribution center with the joint effort of carrier, achieving informationalized market transactions and management through cloud services technology; achieving unified platform of regulation on market, vehicles and security, and generate the corresponding big data; and achieving efficient and safe operation, management and sustainable development with the use of FitInsight big data tools. In addition, as a major project in "Smart Hubei", "Chutianyun Cloud Project" is the unified cloud infrastructure integrated service platform and data exchange hub platform that FiberHome provide cloud computing, big data service for the Hubei provincial government. At present, FiberHome cloud service solutions has successfully provided service for a year in "Chutianyun Cloud Project". On the basis of its successful experience, FiberHome continue to move forward, providing support for Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources, State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform in Hubei and other big data projects.

In 2017, FiberHome has organized special technical exchanges in "FAST +" and "FitOps solution", until now, it has already completed special exchange in 16 provinces for carriers in 7 major provinces to export whole solution of effective agile framework system. At the same time, FiberHome provide FitOps series solutions for carriers in Qinghai with the FitOps tools, and eventually wins customers’ praise of providing FitOps agile development and maintenance tools and supporting services, effectively reducing the input of staff and work in the stage of operation and maintenance , and help enterprises to reduce costs and increase benefits.

From the past to the present, FiberHome Service has been working together with the carriers for more than 10 years, and has become a long-term strategic partner carriers in many areas. In the future, FiberHome will continue to focus on the trend of cloud service, driven by the market demand, to provide manager service for carriers, government and enterprise with qualified and competitive service, and help carriers to complete all-dimension business transformation!

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