FiberHome Smart City Solution

Smart City Architecture

Based on ICT2.0 FiberHome proposed “123” strategy for smart city solution : The “1-2-3” Strategy put forth for smart city construction describes (a) one integrated smart platform (b) two systems (c) three application areas. The integrated platform includes, network, internet, IoT, data center, cloud database as the core of the integrated intelligent platform; the two systems i.e. the standardization and security, standardization includes consultation, planning, evaluation etc. which are carried out through a standardized procedure and the security systems offers high level security to the network, information application etc. these systems act as the pillars for building a smart sustainable cities; the application refers to the service applications developed to three areas government, citizens and enterprise, these applications are designed to suit the needs in various sectors of the community to build a sustainable ecology. By efficiently integrating the platforms, terminals, data and applications through policy, technology, process, capital etc. a smart sustainable city with a rich ecosystem can be built, which shows FiberHome’s end to end capacity from standard formulation to top design, from consulting evaluation to investment financing and from implementation to O&M in smart city field.

New smart city development needs new capabilities, and cloud as the representative of the emerging ICT provide key technical support for smart city development. In the business-driven market, the deep integration of IT and CT becomes an important direction of technological development and will provide key capability and path for new smart city. Among them, cloud is an important infrastructure of the city, network is the necessary channels for information connection, cloud network integration is the future development trend, and Big Data is the intelligent engine of the city.

Comprehensive Strength of FiberHome Smart City

FiberHome is the vice-chairman of the ITU ITU-T "Application of Internet of Things in the Smart City and Community" research group (SG20) and the "Smart City Focus Group" (FG-SSC), and led the development of 4 international standard. In China, FiberHome led the preparation of "Smart city terminology and definition", participated in the publishing of first "Smart city standardization white paper" and other 5 national standards, and second batch of 24 national standard development committed to a number of smart city-related national 863,973 project research. Have intellectual property rights in cloud computing, Big Data, application software, network communications and other core technology domain. Completed smart city's top level planning and design of Wuhan, Guangzhou, Taiyuan, Huizhou and many other cities. By signing "smart city strategic agreement" with number of provincial and municipal governments to set up joint venture Smart city operation company, in the country there are dozens of smart government, smart police, smart park, safe city, smart transportation, smart logistics, smart tourism, smart surveillance, smart education, smart healthcare, smart senior care and other smart projects landing. FiberHome has received Xinhua’s "2015 China Internet + Smart City Outstanding Enterprise Award" and the CCID 2016 “Smart city leader award.”

Products and Services provided by FiberHome in Smart City field

Design consultation: FiberHome can provide Smart City based on the standard system, the top of the security system design, and covers the landing, operating the whole life cycle.

Project construction: FiberHome is involved in all stages of smart city construction, from data center, network infrastructure to the smart city modules. Providing end to end services for successful project implementation.

Products Provided: FiberHome provides a full range of products from fiber optic cable, wiring, cabinets, transmission network, data network, storage, server to cloud platform software, cloud desktop, application software

Ecology Building: FiberHome works closely with more than 100 partners, to ensure the rapid online smart applications and provide tailor-made services for the user, so that the applications are suits the varying customer demands.

O&M services: Guarantee effective O&M service implementation through ITSS.

Case Study

After years of development, the construction of smart city in China has some successful cases, such as smart government, smart park, smart transportation, smart education, smart medical care, and smart retirement and so on. Taking "Smart Hubei" as an example, by building Chutian cloud platform, it laid a solid foundation for business application innovation and industrial transformation by achieving a collection of government information for the future data sharing exchange.

Chutian Cloud, as an innovative model of "government led, market operation” greatly improved the efficiency of construction, creating speed of the provincial government cloud construction in China. It is finished to build data center, deliver cloud platform, and migrate more than 200 application systems in 6 months. Up to now, Initial stage of Hubei Province unified large data warehouse has been completed, data such as population, legal, GIS, macroeconomic and other relevant data has been partially stored. Hubei province's 52 provincial departments, 394 applications are officially on the cloud, data sharing interoperability, The Data from various industries is collected for Big Data applications. In the past, the government information was traditionally decentralized and isolated, it resulted in increase of TCO year by year, but Chutian Cloud efficiently improved the information level and move new smart phase through unified cloud platform, efficient O&M and management. According to statistics, Chutian cloud helped to attain, 70% hardware resources saving for Hubei informatization, 90% saving in human resources investment, cost savings of 80%, and offer the highest level of security in China. As the technical support for Chutian Cloud, FiberHome provided the end to end service from consulting & planning, solution design, product engineering, O&M support and standard drawing.