Central Stainless Steel Tube Type

FiberHome central stainless steel tube OPGW is an overhead grounding wire that takes stainless steel optical unit as the center, concentric stranded ACS/AA wires at outer layer based on certain lay ratio. It is widely used in modern information electric power system.

Central Stainless Steel Tube Stranded Metallic Wires Compact Design Installation Performance

-Max. fiber count 48, max. diameter 4.2mm

-Fiber gel can deter water penetration and corrosion

-An appropriate primary fiber excess length takes shape in the central tube

-Aluminum clad steel wire (ACS)

-Aluminum alloy wire (AA)

-One or two stranding layers

-Min. cable diameter 9mm

-Light weight

-Convenient for handling and installation

-Bend radius: installation 20×D, operation 15×D

-Temperature range: installation -10℃~+50℃

                                  operation -40℃~+80℃