FitVM Virtualization Platform

Rapid development of enterprise informatization, significantly increased the size and complexity of IT platform, resulting high hardware and management O&M costs long business deployment cycle and the lack of a unified management of the infrastructure has become the bottleneck of enterprise informatization process.  

FiberHome relying on its strong technical capacity in cloud computing and other IT areas, through independent research and development produce high-quality customer centered products, develops FitVM to optimize the enterprise data center cloud computing infrastructure virtualization solutions. FitVM virtualization management system helps in unified management of physical and virtual resources within the data center, it effectively reduces the enterprise IT environment, O&M costs and complexity, greatly improves IT efficiency and simplifies the daily work. FitVM effectively integrates data center IT infrastructure resources, streamlines the number of data center servers, simplifies IT operations, improves physical resource utilization and reduce the overall TCO.

FitVM Value & Highlights