FiberHome Services First Debuts in MWCS17: IDC Service, Digital Future


June, Shanghai.

Despite the heavy rain in Shanghai, people’s enthusiasm still keeps surging for MWCS17, as one of the world's most influential mobile communications conferences, MWCS17 gathers the most cutting-edge technologies and services in the global mobile ecosystems. It is the first time for FiberHome Services to debut in MWCS17. With the latest IDC integrated service, FiberHome has attracted a large number of customers at home and abroad in this event.

A glance of FiberHome Services at MWCS17

The data center service solutions proposed by FiberHome could provide customers a professional full life-cycle services from the construction to O&M, and to the big data service.

Efficient construction

Compared to the construction of traditional data center, FiberHome use modular architecture to design the engine room and IT infrastructure, the core equipment has been prefabricated and pre-test in the factory, thus the delivery time could be reduced by at least 80%, comparing with the conventional construction. At the same time, by utilizing the hot and cold channel isolation, frequency line pressure fan, intelligent energy management system and many other advanced technologies, PUE could be reduced below 1.3, and thus save their annual electricity cost for more than 40%.

Excellent O&M

Based on ITIL process framework, self-developed O&M tools and certificated O&M team of experts, FiberHome could solve the problems of personnel bottlenecks and fault positioning in the O&M and delivery services effectively, improving the efficiency in infrastructure operations, and reducing more than 50% of the overall operating costs.

Intelligent Big Data Service

In the big data service, FiberHome has self-developed data collection tool----FitDataBee (collection, summary, automatic management backup, etc.) and data analysis tool----FitInsight (data warehouse modeling, ETL, OLAP analysis, platform display, etc.), to provide big data applications without the need to rewrite code or script, but by easy designer to save up 70% of the cost in the delivery of BI projects, helping customers in decision-making, business forecasting and layout of the future.

With the integrated solution, FiberHome Services redefines IDC service under the 5G era.

In the coming future of the 5G, operators need to introduce IT capabilities to change their traditional operating support system, cooperate closely with the vertical industry enterprises, and transform to the cloud computing, big data and other fields. FiberHome integrated IDC service solution has always dedicate to helping customers achieve digital transformation.

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