The ITU-T Recommendations of Smart City Formulated by Lead of FiberHome Is Deliberated by ITU-T SG20


The plenary session of ITU-T SG20 held in September deliberated the Y.frame-SC "Smart City Platform Requirements and Reference Frame" drafted by FiberHome and Y.SCP "Smart City Platform Interaction Requirement" drafted by FiberHome and Spain together. Three major international standard organizations have completed two smart city standard drafts, showing the position and impact of FiberHome in the smart city standard formulation.

With the efforts of the team including Dr. Sang Ziqin, a member of FiberHome national key laboratory and Li Keng, the chief engineer of the strategy and marketing department, the plenary session approved the Y.SC-overview "Smart City Overview and Information Communications Technology Purpose" drafted by FiberHome as proposal supplement, and established the project Y.SCC-reqts "Smart City General Requirements and Capabilities".

In the past 3 years, FiberHome has completed 6 standard references and 13 proposal supplements related to smart city, in which 4 references and 12 proposal supplements have been published, making a great effort to the global smart city development.

Smart city is a key part in information communications technology, and is a focus in global standardization competition and cooperation. It is also an important development trend of FiberHome. In the recent years, FiberHome has completed the industry and system layout for smart city, accumulated systematic talents, technologies, and industrial foundation, and took a lead in the planning and design of smart city in several Chinese pilot cities. FiberHome is playing an important role in the construction of smart cities in China.

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