FiberHome Revolutionizing China’s Health Care Industry


With the implementation "Healthy China" strategy, and the gradual maturity of technologies such as mobile internet and big data, smart healthcare is gradually becoming part of our lives.

With the years of experience in cloud computing and big data, FiberHome actively implemented smart healthcare + big data strategy. With self-developed proprietary "FitData big data platform" as core, FiberHome provides healthcare industry with big data processing environment. Provides storage, analysis, query, flow computing, memory computing, graph computing and other capabilities for massive data, and provides Big-data analysis visualization components and operation monitoring systems. Through Big data analysis, the relationship between disease types and efficiency, technology, cost, and resources, can be scientifically evaluated to improve the hospital's service and efficiency, technical level, cost control, and allocated resources rationally. Successively this can reduce patient’s healthcare costs drastically and transform the distribution of medical resources, improve the quality of medical services and overall service levels, and effectively break the barriers of difficultly to consult a doctor and high health care expenditure, can provide people with a better healthcare service.

Currently, FiberHome is building “Zhuhai Gaolan Port Economic Zone Regional Medical Health Information System Construction Project” to create a personalized humanistic smart medical platform. The project is based on the status quo of population health informatization development in Gaolan Port Area, effectively integrating jurisdiction’s medical and healthcare business application system, and building a regional health information platform based on residents' health records. To implement information sharing and exchange among medical and health institutions and achieve interconnection and interoperability of information within the jurisdiction.

The overall project structure is based on FiberHome’s patented cloud platform, big data platform, and micro-service container framework design, to build a cloud resource platform that hosts the regional health information platform and the smart hospital business system. The cloud platform includes FiberHome’s cloud operating system FitOS and the cloud management platform FitMgr, cloud storage FitStor, etc., to help Gaolan Port regional medical and health industry application to transform into cloud-based business, to improve efficiency and achieve the leap toward smart healthcare.

Among them, the existing information platform of two public medical institutions in the region act as a foundation for the smart hospital platform, to build a hospital information integration platform with clinical information as its core, and develop practical application software, to provide high quality and high-experience medical services.

In order to provide the public with more orderly, more convenient, and more efficient medical and health services, the project has also set up a regional health information platform data center that hosts residents’ health records to build a open, standardized, and intelligent regional health information “Brain”

At the same time, the project also includes characteristics of the Gaolan Port area, with the rapid development of the Internet and Healthcare, the public-oriented integrated medical and healthcare platform (patient-side, doctor-side) consisting of, Chinese medicine health prevention service platform, convenience service, and other specialty applications, these application will transform the residents' from disease management to health management, move from disease treatment to disease prevention, thereby improving the health quality of the overall population, and establish a new image of Gaolan port health development.

The “Gaolan Port Economic Zone Regional Medical and Health Information System Construction Project” is an important measure for Zhuhai to achieve a balanced development of the eastern and western regions and enhance the level of medical informatization in the western region. It is a leap-forward progress in the smart medical field for FiberHome.

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