FiberHome Awarded as 1st Prize of China Cloud Computing Open Source Case


On January 4th, the 7th Cloud Computing Standards and Application Conference was hold in Beijing, and FiberHome fully participated in all the key sessions. This conference focused on the implementation and applications of the recommendations and standards of cloud computing, and released the awarding list of the excellent open source cases of China.


This Award was evaluated and released by the expert committee, which assessed the typical and representative applications, and awarding those which has the attribute of influence and guidance to the industry. In 2017, FiberHome’s successful project, Cloud Platform for TravelSky Branches, won the 1st prize, and moreover, the “Guide to build cloud computing system based on open source technologies” partial drafted by FiberHome has also be officially released in this conference. This guideline has formed the open source cloud computing technology and the technical specifications for the deployment of international standards and national standards in China for the first time, to provide foundation for the industry to evaluate the functional integrity of cloud computing architectures and solutions based on open source technologies.


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