FiberHome Participates in CRU's World Optical Fiber & Cable Conference 2017


The CRU's World Optical Fiber & Cable Conference 2017 was held in Wuhan from Nov. 1 to Nov. 3. Nearly a thousand of participants, including global vendors of preform, optical fiber & cable, and communication cable, industry-leading experts, and industrial chain customers came to this grandest meeting in the optical fiber & cable industry, to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the globalization of optical fibers and cables.

Guo Shenglian, the vice governor of Hubei Province, China, said in his opening speech that "Wuhan, China Optics Valley" has become a landmark brand of China, to participate in the global competition in the optoelectronic information field. This is not only the birthplace of China's first practical optical fiber, but also the largest optic fiber & cable research and production base in China. Wuhan has the No.1 production and marketing scale in the world.

FiberHome is the golden sponsor of this conference and the world's leading information and communication solution provider. At this conference, FiberHome's president Ge Jun made a keynote speech entitled "Build a Wide Network, Create All-Optical Ecology". Ge Jun said that thanks to the national policy, the construction of 5G networks would directly bring strong demand to fiber cable market, and the global fiber marketing would have a stable growth with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Big Data, and cloud computing and with the application of big video, IoT and 5G. As the global leading optical communication solution vendor, FiberHome not only keeps moving towards the goal of "higher, faster, stronger" in the optical fiber & cable industry, but also focuses on the convergence of cloud and network to provide the software + hardware integrated solution. FiberHome cooperates with the customers from different industries to complete the future-oriented digital transformation and meet the transformation and upgrade in the new era.
After the speech, Ge Jun and the executives from other Chinese optic fiber & cable companies took part in the panel discussion, on the subject of the present situation and prospect of the global optical fiber & cable industry.

Facing the digital flood, cross-era innovation, transboundary integration, and continuous emergence of new technologies and business models, the transformation of the whole industry to ICT is one of the hot topic. The development of optical fiber & cable is a solid foundation of the whole industry transformation to ICT. In addition, the promotion of information technology industry drives the continued prosperity of the optical fiber & cable industry. Currently, FiberHome has been transformed from a traditional optical communication product vendor to a software + hardware ICT solution provider. In the future, FiberHome will continue to seize the opportunity and adhere to both the development of optical communication industry and exploration of ICT new business to implement fast development and transformation of the industry. Moreover, FiberHome will partner with other vendors in the industry to build the information ecosphere and create an ultra-wide future.

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